Dissertation Writing Service

Some on-line companies have been engaging in custom essay writing for the last ten years. It is a lucrative business which relies on college students, college applicants and high school students. Such students engage the services of writers who possess English essay writing skills to deliver high quality essays. A writer need not be a native speaker of English. What is required of such a writer are paper writing skills, research skills and of course a fast typing speed. Speed is of essence since custom papers are delivered on deadline basis. Any breach of such deadlines therefore results in lateness which affects the rating of both a writer and the company which he or she works for. The most important aspect of custom essay writing is the need to avoid plagiarizing other writers’ content either from online sources or books. Plagiarism is tantamount to theft of other people’s ideas and smacks of academic dishonesty. To avoid it, writers can paraphrase what they access from the original content and use in-text citation of their sources. In addition to that, writers should also provide a full list of their sources in the reference page. Some people have argued that custom essay writing is wrong given that it seeks to do assignments for students. It should be noted that the input of such a student is taken into account while writing such an essay. Secondly, custom writing companies are usually keen to follow the student’s guidelines and always seek for his or her approval hence the student takes an active role in the development of the essay. Thus, do not hesitate to use our dissertation and thesis writing service right now! Thank you.


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